Our Trailblazher Origin Story

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by.

This is our very first newsletter post - this is where you'll be able to keep up-to-date with things that are happening here at the homestead, events and news we want to share and our community-building efforts. We really hope that you'll be part of it all as we move forward.

So what's new? Well, we're super-excited to be part of the Fall edition of Trailblazher Magazine - let me tell you how it all went down!

I had sent a note late last year to the ladies - Kim and Erin, a mother-daughter dream team - as part of their outreach to find great stories for a feature they call "These Hands Of Mine." I promptly forgot about it - which is what happens when you have the short-term memory capacity of a squirrel - and carried on doing what I do. Then this Summer, as I was deep in my annual bout of Hay Anxiety, I got an email. . . Would I be willing to make my contribution to "These Hands Of Mine" for the Fall 2021 edition?

Lemme think. . . 100 words to chat about whatever I wanted? Say no more!! 

And then bupkiss. Nothing. Absolutely nothing came to me that was unique or original or special. My hands, I thought, don't do ANYTHING that a thousand other women's hands don't do. My hands work hard and aren't all that pretty to look at but in our world, that's hardly unique, that's just life! I fretted and fumed and did all the things I usually do when confronted with a writing block. I've found this particular graphic VERY helpful, over the years - 

Sigh. Sometimes it just has to get ugly.

As I chewed and stewed, I was filling water troughs when an idea hit me. Why did I have to talk about my hands alone? My hands don't do much but one thing they DO is reach out. . . They reach out to other hands, hands that are much cooler than mine. Immediately, one set of hands came into clear view - my dear friend, Alanna Manybears. With that connection, my 100 words came into focus.

Okay but 100 words isn't a feature, is it? Ha! Not hardly. My idea was a little outside the norm for that particular part of the magazine so I wanted to fly it past Jan and Erin first - they were thrilled. They loved the idea! Alanna was on board and we were good to go when Jan sent me a note - would I be willing to bump up my contribution from 100 words to 1000? 

With both Krista White - Alanna's twin sister - and Alanna ready to participate, I felt sure I could write a story that would truly showcase women I admire and seek to emulate. I want to make both of these incredible ladies PROUD . . . It's the same deep desire I feel when I am with my Aunties. So you can imagine that when I sat down, I did it quietly, thoughtfully and with intention. 

This story is the result. I want to give a tremendous and heart-felt thank you to Morgan Storch from Ranahan Photography for taking beautiful pictures to go along with the writing.

Thank you to Alanna and Krista for being willing to let me write this - I hope you can both feel the deep regard and how much I value your friendship.