Shearing Day March 16, 2022

I am so pleased - so SO pleased!! - to let you know that our favourite shearer Alex is coming back to give our flock of purebred and endangered Border Leicesters and Cotswold sheep their annual shearing on March 16. Alex has been working with us for a few years now and the time and attention - not to mention the care and gentleness - he demonstrates with our flock is really unparalleled. A local sheep farmer himself, Alex knows exactly what our flock needs and is a key part of our animal welfare and the overall healthy maintenance of the ladies and gents in our small flock.

If you're interested to watch a shearer in action, ask questions or get your hands on raw fleece, let me know - I'm happy to welcome you to the homestead on this busy day. Fair warning though, if you DO come, you'll be getting a hands-on opportunity - there are no bystanders on shearing day! You could be running fleeces, helping to keep the board clear, doing some basic skirting and rolling or labelling bags - you never know where an extra pair of hands might be needed.

If this sounds appealing to you, send me a note and let me know what you're planning and I'll be sure to respond with some of the basic need-to-knows. We will be practicing our regular biosecurity so be sure to bring boots you don't mind dunking in our antibacterial solution - it's all part of keeping everyone safe and healthy. 

To see just what's possible with one of our fleeces, wander over to our Instagram/Facebook and check out a recent series of photos sent to us by our friend and Master Spinner, Cathryn Holowaychuk. She has done amazing work with two fleeces from our ladies, Claire and Truvy. It all looks so soft and - Cathryn's technical term - gooshy! 

Don't forget to check back on the blog regularly for updated news and remember our WOOL CLASSING REGISTRATION opens tomorrow, March 1. See you at the homestead!

Special thank you to The Spinning Loft for letting us borrow their beautiful descriptions of Border Leicester and Cotswold sheep.