• We are a small-scale regenerative fibre farm.

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Permaculture - but not only permaculture.

Feel good about our products and our partners.

Whether you purchase a fleece, a pure alpaca quilting pressing pad, quilt batting or one of our custom-made crochet hooks, you can feel good about your shopping bag. We work with a variety of partners to ensure the best possible quality of life for our animals with the highest standards of care to be found in our sector. Meet some of them below!

About our 100 per cent alpaca pressing pad

"Good Morning, I’m pleased to tell you I used my pressing mat yesterday and it’s FABULOUS! I was stunned at the difference in the press on quilting seams. Being from the generation of ironing, a pad the size of the entire board would give awesome creases in dress pants and crisp shirt sleeves."

Gillian, AB

About our fleeces.

"OMG .

I’m just getting ready to wash Claire’s fleece.

It’s wonderful. Can’t wait to spin it!"

Cathryn H., AB

"Since I started spinning I've probably acquired at least a dozen fleeces but I have to tell you yours are the nicest I've ever had. They are very clean - only light vm - and that is mostly hay and grass which picks out easily.
You can tell from the wool that the sheep are healthy and have been well cared for. The wool is lustrous, healthy looking and sound. There are no breaks in the locks, weak spots or any signs of scurf. It has been wonderful to just handle the raw fleece and sort it - I can't wait to get busy spinning it.
I will definitely be back next year for more fleece."

Dee H.

Our Community.

We believe life was meant to be done in community! We prioritize and value our relationships with the Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary and Alberta Open Farm Days - whenever we can, we want to make the homestead a place where gatherings can happen!

From time-to-time, we do offer workshops and other educational opportunities, as well as purely social events like our annual Shearing Day (usually in April). We will definitely be keeping our community up-to-date when these events are scheduled!

Upcoming Events


If you'd like to attend one of our workshops, please be in touch by email providencelanehomestead@gmail.com

Let us know which workshop you'd like to attend and we will email you an information sheet along with your registration confirmation once your payment has been processed. Looking forward to seeing you at the homestead!